SMARTBRO Broadband Review: Canopy Connection and Plug-it Modem User Experience

SmartBro Wireless Canopy Antenna

If you land on this post let me guess you are either looking for user experience and review, scouting for the best broadband connection for your home or frustrated with Smart Bro or well, all of those reasons and more.

Right now I am experiencing disappointment with Smartbro. We have a Smartbro postpaid account, a fixed wireless home broadband canopy connection and we pay P999 monthly fee. We are now on our 18 months, and in those 18 months I have become a ‘suki’ to their customer call center. I must have dialed *1888 for hundreds of times already.

We are still using our Smartbro canopy but we are just bidding our time until our new internet is set-up and functional before I go to Smart Bro office and have this line cut for once and for all.

Using Smart Bro Plug-it Modem: Experience and Review

Previous to the canopy, I had a postpaid Smartbro Plug-it connection also at P999/month but it was short-lived.

The contract with Smart for the MyBro Plug-it modem service was 24 months; unfortunately, internet signal in our house was intermittent. Later on, I found out that the Sun Broadband dongle performs better compared to the SmartBro plug-it modem when use in our house.

After countless calls to Smart’s broadband hotline number and no resolution in sight, I finally had it. I went to SM City Cebu Smart Office and asked them to cut our postpaid plug-it line within 6 months of having it, if my dates are correct. Good thing that they have a record of my numerous calls to their *1888 number and they end our contract without imposing any penalty fee. It was the only proper thing to do; their plug it service was crappy based on my experience.

 TIP: If you are experiencing trouble with your My Bro internet connection, call their *1888 hotline, you need the calls and reports as records of evidence that indeed you have problematic connection. This way, you will also not suffer any penalty should you decide to end your contract ahead of time.

If you don’t report the issues you are encountering and you just go to their office and request your connection be cut and your contract cancelled, you will have to pay fees. It’ll be hefty fees and charges, so yes, whenever you face connection trouble, Report It!

Anyhow, because I have faith in Smart, and I believed that time that the problem was mostly because my internet connection was via dongle, I thought that going for a fixed wireless home broadband canopy connection was the wiser thing to do. So yes, I again signed a new 24 months contract with SmartBro.

Just in case you are confused, there is a new branding thingie going around, Smart is now calling their internet services as ‘My Bro’ or ‘MyBro’ instead of the old ‘SmartBro’.


SmartBro Wireless Home Broadband Review

The first few months was a sort of honeymoon period, I had reliable and fast 1 MB connection for just P999 per month but soon after, I was back to becoming an avid caller of their CSR hotline once again.

Major problems encountered in using Smart Broadband Internet were:

1. The internet connection gets cut off at the slightest rain. Tech people came a few times until a solution was found. They transferred the antenna on a new location and it worked, problem solved.

2. Another problem encountered was problem with DNS something because I can’t open 1 specific website which is the most      important website of all the websites I used for my online work. They solved this too.

3. Unfortunately, the last problem with no resolution forthcoming was that the Smart Bro internet connection was beyond crappy at day time in the last three weeks. Previous months I was okay with cut off connections as it was not very glaring unlike lately when things turned for the worst.

Imagine me being connected for a few minutes and then getting cut off and I have to wait again for the connection to resume only expecting to be cut-off again almost immediately.  It’s beyond frustrating now.

Why good, stable, reliable connection is very important to me? I work from home and I need internet at all times as I work. Without a good signal and connection, I’m done for the day, my freelance pay out of the window in a flash. Not good. Not good.

But to be fair to Smart Bro, I am experiencing this crappy internet service mostly during the day, connection at night is better. It still gets disconnected but not as frequently as during the day. But I need the reliable connection during the day because it’s when I work.

I have a long list of report numbers from them and their field technician must have known the direction to our house by heart now with the frequency that they are called for and needed to fix our Smart Bro canopy connection.

Our fixed wireless antenna sits on top of our roof and masthead is pretty high already. There is no building blocking the antenna but there is a huge tree on one side but still, the masthead where the antenna is attached to is higher than the tree top.

SmartBro Wireless Canopy Antenna

Goodbye Smart Bro Broadband Connection

In the last two weeks the connection has become unbearable. I finally called again last week and the day after they sent in their technician. The SmartBro field personnel did some online test, curiously during this visit they did not climb up the roof to move the antenna like they usually do.

Then the verdict was pronounced.

‘Mam I already did some test and signal strength in this area is really not good. Your account is a candidate for “Field Close”.

I think field close only happens when the broadband technicians sees no possibility of fixing your internet signal.

I asked why, what did you find out?

He requested me to look at the screen and the test result. He explained that the standard minimum signal strength that is acceptable to Smart Bro is 90. Our connection registered at 73.

Yep, that bad, our signal is not acceptable by SmartBro standard so it’s a bye – bye with them.

Now, I too am shopping for the next best home broadband connection.  What do you suggest?

This was my Smart Bro Broadband Experience and Review, what’s yours?


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6 thoughts on “SMARTBRO Broadband Review: Canopy Connection and Plug-it Modem User Experience”

  1. danceswithaliens - March 24, 2013 12:06 pm

    Don’t go with Globe, whatever you decide to do. They’re just as bad!

    1. Cee - April 30, 2013 3:22 am

      thanks for the insight!

  2. bernoli - April 28, 2013 3:35 pm

    maam, konting TIP, pg sa province o bukid ung area, (not literally na BUKID) i suggest globe na lng po kau, pag rural o near city sa smartbro…

    -ps: both may tweaking nmn, if u know wat i mean! =)

    1. Cee - April 30, 2013 3:22 am

      haha thanks bernoli for the tip =)

  3. MIKE - November 10, 2014 7:44 pm

    use your USB smartbro plug it modem and assemble your own parabolic for keywords smartbro external antenna lots of ideas you can try..dont complain yet if you haven tried the DIY!

  4. MIKE - November 10, 2014 7:47 pm

    Many users now are buying and some Do It yourself antennas are working..dont give up because convenience sometimes needs extra push and ideas from users


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